Project info

The main objective of the project entitled ”EuroSpot” is to broaden the participants’ knowledge of
European cultural heritage by means of studying one’s own national cultural heritage (Italian,
Turkish and Polish ones) and, by taking part in international groups and visits to the other
participating countries, comparing it to the partners’ cultural backgrounds. This target is aimed at
improving students’ motivation to learn by means of the use of innovative teaching methods
(including languages, history, geography, STEM subjects and social studies) and ICT tools.

We intend to achieve the goal by means of the following activities:
1 – conducting an e-Twinning project with the partner schools (creating a project Twinspace and
running all the project activities on the platform comprising the main final product – the EuroSpot
mobile application;
2 – organising short-term and long-term mobilities for the participating students;
3- organising training sessions for the school staff connected with professional development.

All the activities will include developing the key skills such as communication and collaboration skills,
knowledge of ICT tools, innovative teaching/learning techniques as well as personal development
(becoming familiar with the cultural elements of the EU countries, developing passions and interests).
The participants of the project will be some students and members of the school teaching staff,
whereas the real long-term benefits of the project are aimed at all the school employees, students
and their parents.


IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Kopernika w Rybniku – Poland

Istituto istruzione superiore Benedetto Radice Bronte – Italy

Zonguldak Erdemir Anadolu Lisesi – Turkey